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  Do you make these 5 dumb marketing mistakes?

#1. Do you drop your commission rates?

Do you expect to pay $5 for filet mignon? NO. We understand your market is VERY competitive and those newspaper and online leads are getting bombarded by the competition. Your competition... (those darn newbies) are dropping their commission below what is acceptable! Don't play that game, It's an endless cycle of price discounts. At your listing presentations, when the lower commission comes up try this out:

-Ask: "Mr. Johnson if Agent B was so willing to cut his commissions, can you imagine what they would do to your home's price during those negotiations? "

Stop selling yourself short and Learn how to PROVE the value of your service! Bring your real estate postcards to your listing presentation to show prospects your marketing plan. It PROVES you are investing your money into their home & and that JUSTIFIES your commission. While other agents may charge less, you give their their home maximum exposure and maximum sales price. (You pay for what you get!)

#2. Do you keep in touch with past clients?

Now, you have probably already know this FACT... getting a NEW client cost you "6 to 8 times more money than marketing to your existing clients! Your existing clients are your 'farm' - and here's where most Realtors get it wrong. They ignore their own clients, and instead agonize over their desperate search for new clients all the time! I'm not pointing fingers... but MOST real estate "professionals" don't even keep a database of their existing clients! How about you?

What is the very best and most effective form you can use to market to your existing clients? Real Estate POSTCARDS! Just listed postcards and just sold postcards are the perfect excuse for you to say" HELLO" don't forget me and the GREAT job I've done for you. *Its common for an American family to move with-in 5 years. (Don't forget the power of refferals!)
#3. Do you suffer from GIANT business card syndrome?

Pretty pictures of lovely looking houses... Nice graphics. And you know what they amount to? Nothing more than expensive, over sized Business Cards! A real waste of time and money.

You see, they just don't sell anything. There's no offer, no promise, no guarantee, no headline, no testimonials... in fact, there's not a single thing in these ads... or just about any real estate ads you see in any Yellow Pages or newspaper... that compels the reader to pick up the phone right NOW!

The people who sell you advertising in the newspaper or the Yellow Pages, know nothing about how to write an ad, direct-response marketing, or real estate postcards that get you leads. See our realtor postcard designs here.
#4. Do you WASTE your money with 1-shot advertisements?

You know how many times I've heard: "I tried my marketing plan for a month but it didn't work." It takes an average of six impressions before consumers are moved to action. Just because someone saw your logo or name once or twice doesn't mean they are going to be inclined just yet to give you a try. If you are putting all of your faith in one or two pricey ads you may be throwing your money away. Instead, make a plan for how you will reach your coveted demographic consistently over a six- to twelve- month period with real estate postcards. Allow prospects time to learn who you are, what you're about and get the sense that you're going to be around tomorrow when they need you.
Think about your family and close friends. Now think about how often you "touch" those people. I think you'll agree that your closest relationships are with those who you touch most often. Postalrealtor makes it EASY to keep in touch. Discover how it works here.
#5. Do you spend money on marketing that you can't measure the response?

Spend money on marketing you can't measure, and you may as well stand in front of the toilet bowl and flush $100 bills down the drain. The last thing you want is NOT to be able to measure how well that expensive ad is doing for you... ARE YOU CRAZY! How will you ever know what is working and what is a total waste of your money? Real estate postcards response can be measured - Estimate your response here.

#1. Builds your reputation & popularity in your real estate community:
"I've Heard Of You Before" You will hear that often after using real estate postcards consistently it's a sign that your community is starting to acknowledge who you are. In the internet age your prospects have more choices then EVER before. According to a NAR Research poll 57% of sellers and 41% of buyers ranked reputation as the most important factor when selecting an agent. Knowing this we went to work creating postcards that build your name & reputation so when it s time to make a real estate deal they ll think of YOU first.

#2. Leads that call YOU first and that your competition doesn't know about:
What Makes Real Estate Postcard Leads So Great? One word: "unsolicited". Your FSBO, newspaper and online leads are getting bombarded by hundreds of agents everyday. Those leads are shopping for the lowest rate, and your competition is dropping their commission below what is acceptable. It's an endless cycle of price discounts! But... when you, market with postcards, leads call you, they are exclusive, other agents are out of the loop and you' ll have bargaining position. Sign exclusive listing agreements because you' re well known, liked, and trusted, NOT because you are the cheapest realtor in town.

#3. Proven effective, marketing system based on research - NOT guesswork!
What happens when you take a group of the nations top Realtors and ask them to help create turn-key real estate postcard templates that any agent can use to boost their listings and sales? The result is!

#4. Affordable and EASY to use!
Creating groundbreaking real estate postcard templates wasn' t enough... we needed to make it affordable, so we combined high quality printing, targeted mailing lists and bulk postage rates into one low- cost "turn-key"package that is so simple even a monkey could do it!

Your design is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Avoid these dumb mistakes. Get started on your postcard design now.
  Discover the secret of how to list prospects FASTER!
Do you know the concept of a limited time offer? or a DEADLINE? Here is a secret that ANY agent could use at listing presentations: Bring your most current just listed postcard to your listing presentation and mention how your next postcard is coming up and it'll be mailed to X amount of people and will feature X just listed homes. Let them know you have 1 spot available... ask if they would they like to have their home featured on your next big real estate postcard? OK GREAT It is scheduled to print on... GET IT? You re setting a DEADLINE for them to list in time for their home to be included on your next"$ XXX" real estate postcard campaign... will they list in time, or will they miss the boat? Don't be aggressive. Just set the deadline and IT WORKS.
When i started real estate I did it with 2 of my friends... it was really hard... both my friends quit and I wasn' t sure what to do anymore. I did some ads in the newspaper and online but I felt like a tear drop in an ocean of advertisements. I heard about postcard marketing and I thought it was be expensive and I wouldn't be able to afford it. My co- worker michelle told me to look on because online things are cheaper- needless to say, I found and it has helped transform my career. It works -even for a guy like me. You have to stick with it for a couple months but you ll really see results. I m the proof I sold a $749,000 house on my 2nd postcard, thanks to Anthony from postalrealtor.- Salvatore Gallaro  
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