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Repeat Mailings for More Business

by Concept Marketing Group, Inc.

Have you noticed that sometimes you receive a postcard from a company every month or every quarter for a year? You ask yourself, “Why are they doing this? I don’t need this now.” Here is an example of how repetitive mailings are very effective.

Our example is that of a mosquito abatement company sending postcards to households in Florida, every two-three months starting in January. January is not a month when you would expect swarms of mosquitoes, even in Florida. There is no benefit to your target audience in January. But if your goal is to get name recognition during the winter months so that you have customers starting in the early and throughout the summer months, this strategy is very effective for postcard campaigns.

You receive the first postcard in January. Your initial reaction might be, “I don’t need mosquito abatement in January. Mosquitoes aren’t a problem until May or June. What’s wrong with these people?” Because of you took the time to skim the card, you make a mental note of these crazy people trying to sell you mosquito abatement in the dead of winter. In the trash goes the postcard.

In March, you receive another card from the same company. You have the same reaction. But now you have seen the same company name twice and you remember it from January.

In May, you receive another postcard from the same company and you remember it from the January and March mailings. You remember seeing on TV earlier in the week this might be the worse season for mosquitoes in the past 20 years. Now you think you might benefit from this company so this time you put the postcard where you can easily find it in case you have to call them or maybe you toss it. Either way, you can now recall from memory the name of “… the crazy mosquito abatement service company that sends me postcards during the mosquito dormant months”.

Two weeks later, you are in your yard trying to enjoy a cook out. You notice the mosquitoes were plentiful and you have the bites to prove it. You need help getting rid of these pests if you want to enjoy your yard over the summer. Now you can benefit from the “crazy company” that sent you postcards during the winter and you call them to get to your house in a hurry.

The card you received the first two times was almost as annoying as those mosquito bites. By the time you needed their services, you could remember the name of the company. Even though the postcard did not result in an immediate response, it gave the company brand and name recognition. You remembered the name and the card made an impression on you because you received it in January.

As human beings, we learn by repetition. The more we do something or read about something, the more likely we are to remember it. The same holds true for the postcards.

It only takes a second to skim the postcard and decide whether or not to toss it in the trash can. But if you receive it more than once, it is likely you will be able to remember the name of the company from memory. If you think you might benefit from the company’s offer, you might save the postcard for future use. Either way, the mosquito abatement postcard campaign was effective. They probably received zero responses in January but by May, their phones were ringing off the hook.

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