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How To Choose The Right Paper Stock and Coating For Real Estate Postcards

By: Anthony Dase

What is the term stock mean? Simple, paper. When printing real estate postcards the stock should always be "cover stock" and at least 12pt. to 14pt. in weight. This is one of the most important factors about the quaility of how your real estate postcards will look and feel because it respsents thickness/weight. 12pt. is your "standard" thickness that most realtor postcards are, but on the other hand, 14pt. cover stock is heavier, more durable and has a chic look and feel to it. Realtors who are looking for that extra flare should use 14pt. stock.

The weight of paper stock used for real estate postcard printing is extremely important but another major aspect is your coating a.k.a "finish".  The three common categories are standard coated, aqueous coated and the super-glossy UV coated.

3 Stock Coatings Explained:

1. Standard coating will be slightly glossy but still have a matte or "slightly dull" appearance. This coating option will do just fine for postcards containing mostly text/copy and doesn't consist of mostly images, hence it is also the least expensive.

2. An aqueous coating is a fast-drying, water-based, protective coating which is applied in-line on press to attain a selection of finishes more economical price than varnish. This clear coating provides a high gloss surface which protects the surface from dirt, smudges, fingerprints and scratch. Aqueous coating improves postcards durability as they go through mail or inserted in pockets. It is also is the best option for postcards because you can still hand-write your addresses on with a pen or sharpee unlike UV coated stock.

3. UV coating is a chemical based coating that takes longer to dry but has a much higher gloss than Aqueous. The post office will not accept UV coated postcards because you can not print or write on UV coating. It's very close to a laminated look and is popular amongst club flyers and corporate presentation pieces.

Its always a good idea to double check the stock your real estate printer will be using. A lot of printers still use 10pt. cover stock that can become floppy when handled especially for larger postcard sizes. If you just can't decide on the type of paper stock to use consult your chosen full color postcard printing provider to help you make the correct choice. It is always best to request samples first and seek out the advice of expert providers. Remember that mistakes in the choice of paper stock may lead to poor quality of output.


Author - Anthony Dase has designed over 200 real estate postcards , just listed postcards, just sold postcards, and prospecting postcards. His real estate postcard designs can be viewed at

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