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Inspire Your Agents And Improve Recruiting

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There are many ways to inspire our agents. We can keep our commitments. We can operate from abundance, not scarcity. We can be loyal to the absent (not talk badly about people not in the room). And, we can do our number one job well:   empower our agents to solve their own issues. I have one other thing you should consider doing: Clean a little house.


Sometimes, we have agents in our offices that bring others down and scare the good agents away. Let me describe some of them, and you can determine if they are in your office.


The Victim: This person is always having someone do them wrong. If they are not complaining about a painful transaction or a client, then they are probably complaining about you! No one has ever done right by them, including their spouse, past bosses or business partners.


You have two options with "the victim":


Option #1: Recognize them more often. Make them feel better about themselves. Being a victim is an attention getting act. If a person is not getting the attention they want, plan "B" is to be a victim.


Option #2: Cut them loose. They may be out on their own anyways since you are responsible for their lack of production and the miserable time they have at work.


Verdict: Save them!

The Egomaniac Top Producer:   Since this person has only been recognized as a top producer and nothing else by most of us, they have a chip on their shoulder. They truly detract from the harmony of your culture. But, we keep them because of our bottom line. Little do we realize they are truly killing our bottom line. It is tough to recruit quality agents when a tyrant rules the office.


With the Egomaniac, your options are:



Option #1: Operate from scarcity and let the Egomaniac stay and hold you and the office hostage.


Option #2: Cut them loose. Let this agent start a virus in another company and watch those agents jump ship to yours.

Verdict: Make like Trump. Call them in and say: "You're fired!"


The Customer Service Nightmare Agent: You know this agent very well. Sellers call you wondering if they are still working in your office. They have not heard from them since the Reagan administration. They are just on a series of one-night-stand commission check-gathering expeditions. They could care less about having solid client relationships. This agent is killing your brand. They are great cold callers and awesome business people. If you do not know whom I am talking about, they are the agents in your office standing while cold calling and drinking some kind of funky energy tea.  


Enough said. Here are some options for these folks:


Option #1: Re-train them. Once they get through the phone book, there will be no more business for them. Point this out to them and coach them on a more human approach to the business. Teach them to serve and not sell...great potential here.


Option #2: Cut them loose. Let them ruin someone else's brand.

Verdict: Push. This is a case-by-case evaluation.


Of course, this has all been written with a bit of tongue-in-cheek. But these agents are in offices and must either change their behavior or be sent on their way. The number one rule in recruiting: Clean house before inviting company.

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