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Recruiting With Technology: Your Recruiting Website

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The most important component when recruiting with technology is a lead capture mechanism.  The lead capture mechanism is your public website.  I am not talking about your company website, I am referring to a recruiting specific website.  This recruiting website is used to generate agent traffic. The traffic you will generate will be in two categories, rookie agents or agents in real estate school and experienced agents. 

Let’s talk about the rookie agents first.  To a rookie or a new agent, your information on the recruiting website should be specifically directed to getting their license, how to choose the correct company to affiliate with, and how to become successful as a newly licensed real estate agent. 

The experienced agent is looking for completely different information.  They are looking for a safe environment to gather information that they may be lacking.  This will include information on changing from one company to another in a seamless fashion.  Training information that they may not be receiving at their current broker is also a necessity for your recruiting website and real usable information on how to increase their business.

These agents, regardless whether they are rookies or experienced, are not looking for fluff or hype.  They are looking for information that has real substance in developing a successful real estate career.  While this website provides information to the agent, it is also a showcase for your company. 

Here’s how that’s accomplished:  by providing useful information, you are setting yourself apart as a coach, leader, and a company that cares about the agent’s success.  Further, you are demonstrating your commitment to technology, training, and resources that are available. 

Here are the key ingredients that must go into every recruiting website:  Changing companies, licensing process, training and events, news and announcements, career information, and of course, the about us section.  Critical parts of the recruiting website are the lead capture opportunities.  These should include tips for success or business building information, opportunities to attend your training and events, and the ability to request career information.  All of this must be incorporated into a contact management system that will automate your recruiting process. 

In today’s world of information and the internet, the public, which includes prospective agents, value anonymity.  How this relates to your website starts with their very first introduction to the site and that’s your domain name or url.  Here’s an example as it relates to your agents and their internet marketing.  We have seen over the past 5 years, a prolific increase in lead generation companies that target your agents.  These lead generation companies succeed because they offer information to the public without the need for contact with an agent.  How do they do this?  By starting with the right domain name that will assist in driving traffic to their lead capture website. 

Here’s a specific example:  Is a homebuyer going to click on an ad for Joe Smith or  Which would you click on if you were searching for a home?  Take that and now think of your recruiting website as an agent lead capture mechanism.  It starts with the basics and that includes your url.  If you are an agent or a prospective agent looking for real estate information, are you going to go to or    Think about the advertising and marketing you are doing for prospective agents….  A simple change in the domain name that you advertise will see your web traffic explode.  Here’s the other piece, remember the website we were talking about a moment ago?  The url alone will not generate the capture opportunities.  If a prospective agent goes to, they must see career building information, first and foremost.  That will lead to prospective agent lead capture. 

Finally, your domain name or url will not get it done alone.  You must have a consistent off-line marketing campaign, inclusive of print media and postcards to drive traffic to your site.

Stay tuned for my next article in the series of Recruiting with Technology; Your Recruiting Drip Campaign.

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