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Need Help? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to explain all procedures.

Q: What type of response rate can I expect from your real estate postcard marketing?
Located on the pricing page there is a return on investment calculator. Our postcards are reported to yield an an average 2% response rate (Direct-Mail Association Study). Remember its up to you to choose the right postcard design and most important your "special offer" to appeal to your target market, then convert those leads into clients. If you need advice we can help but we do not guarantee response rates or your return on investment simply because it is in your control. Note: postcards work best In repetition like any other advertising. It is proven your 2nd postcard AND 3rd postcard will yield double the response rate... read this article on postcard campaigns HERE.

Q: Can I order Post cards Without mail service?
Certainly, just select the checkbox “I Just Want Postcards - No Mail Service” on the bottom of “Pricing” calculator located on the “Customize your design” or pricing page.

Q: Do I get to approve my postcard design before you print it?
Yes 100%. We will email your postcard design within 36 hours for your approval and all postcards come with unlimited changes until you are 200% satisfied at NO extra cost.

Q: Can I order postcard samples?
Certainly, on the top of each page It says “request free postcard samples”. Just fill out the form and we’ll send you samples!

Q: Why is your postcard pricing so low?
Do NOT confuse our low prices with low quality! Our prices are so low because we utilize automated mailing software which allows us to reduce postage costs. In addition we have advanced manufacturing facilities which saves us a ton. We simply pass those savings onto you. We are the lowest cost, highest quality real estate postcard company. we will beat any competitors price guaranteed!

Q. What size should my photos be?
4 Megapixels or the highest resolution your digital camera can take! If you're using a scanner use 300+ DPI. If you are taking your picture try and stand in front of a white wall for your full-body shot, so its easy to cut you out. Do not drag photos off the web - they will be 72 dpi (low quality!)

Q: Do you recommend I follow your postcard design exactly?
Absolutely Not! Here at postal realtor we aren't just trying to sell you postcards to turn a profit, we want you to be successful. If every real estate agent mailed out the same “free consultation” or “free CMA offer” it gets played out. Yes, our prospecting post cards are proven effective to grab prospects attention and make you stand out as the star, YES offering a free CMA / consultation is still effective but we recommend adding your own unique “Call-to-Action” AKA special offer with a touch of your personality, besides... who knows your real estate market better then you?

Q: Can I take a photo from a website and use it for my design?
No, we do not recommend taking photos from websites. The images you see online are typically 72 DPI, which is way too low to produce the high-quality postcards.

Q: What if I want changes made to a design?
The sky is the limit! We don't sell cookie cutter real estate post cards, express yourself. We can match colors with your logo, trim a couple pounds off your photo or put your face on your favorite super hero and we won't charge a dime extra! Just fill us in during the Customize Your Postcard Design page under "Edit Back" and "Edit Front" or in "Special Instructions" sections.

Q. Can I choose which date I want my post cards mailed out?
Yes! If you would like to plan ahead you can set the date for your cards to be mailed. This is made possible by selecting “set the date” during the “target your mailing area” page. This is very useful of you're the type who likes to plan ahead! Spring, Holidays, Prospecting Cards.... Just set it and forget it!

Q: Can two real estate agents share a postcard?
Yes! EVERY postcard can be shared to by two agents! We even made it simple to do so by clicking “add another agent” during the “customize your postcard” page. Just split the leads or work as a team! Sharing is a great way to reduce markeing costs.

Q: What type of paper (stock) will my postcards be printed on?

We use premium stock only on our real estate postcards! Its thick (14pt) and full-color (CMYK) and we give it an extra coating for a beautiful gloss finish. You’ll be very impressed.

Q: Can all your real estate postcard designs be used by 1 or 2 Realtors?
Yes, EVERY real estate postcard we offer can be used by 1 or 2 realtors!

Q: Do you offer postcards featuring multiple properties?
Yes, we do! We have Just Sold Post cards & Just Listed Post cards featuring multiple property photos. You can also mix and match just listed and just sold properties on the same real estate postcard.

Q: If I use your mail service, will I ever see my postcards?
Yes! There is always a few postcards that will be returned to your office due to undeliverable addresses (3 out of 1,000 on average.)

Q: Can I use my own postcard design?
Yes, just email or upload it to us, or we can customize one for you, free.

Q: If I order just postcards – no mail service, how do they ship?
We use UPS ground shipping which normally takes 3 days.

Q: What type of printing press does postal realtor use?
We use the highest-quality offset printing press, A Heidelberg speed master. No low quality digital postcards here!

Q: Can I use my own mailing permit?
Yes, we can print your mail permit on your postcards. To do so, under “Edit Back” just put the permit information you would like to add. Note: we do not provide mail service under 3rd party permits, just post cards.

Q: Can I use my own property pictures?
Yes, every real estate postcard has their own layout that determines the amount of properties that can be shown.

Q. What format does my picture/logo have to be?
Any format, the largest size your digital camera or scanner can make. Don’t stress it, if there is a problem we’ll fix it.

Q. I want my photo cropped (cut out) for my postcard what do I do?
Just upload a full-body photo and we will do the rest. If you don't want your body cut out we will just add your headshot instead and indicate that while customizing your design.

Q: I have a great photo for my head shot but it’s not cropped, can you help?
Yes, just upload your picture and we will do the rest.

Q: What if I don’t like any of the post cards designs you offer?
Ahem, excuseeee meee?! I highly doubt that you won't love our postcards, but if you would like something special give us a call and we’ll make it happen.

Q: How do I approve my real estate postcard design?
We email your design within 36 hours for your approval. We will not print/ship/mail until your postcards until you approve.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
2 business days for proofs via email, and after you approve the proof, we will print and ship your post cards within 2-3 business days. Shipping is done USP ground and can vary depending on your location.

Q: How much do postcards cost to mail?
We include the postage and the mailing services all in one total postcard marketing package. We are the complete real estate postcard marketing solution.

Q: Can you get a mailing list for me?
Yes, this is included in our package pricing silly! During the order process on Step 3 “target your mailing area” is where you will use google map to pick a central point. Your real estate post cards will mailed in a radius of that address (central point) in the quantity you’ve chosen.

Q: Can I get a discount if I order more than one postcard at a time?
Yes, we offer special discounts for agents who do postcard mailings regularly. After every order is made you’ll receive a 10% discount code valid for 45 days.

Q: What if I forget to upload a file that I need for my postcard?
Relax, Just email it to us and let us know your name and which order it goes with.

Q: Is there anyway to get less than 500 postcards?
Yes, You could order 250 post cards and mail as few as you want, but our most successful agents mail between 5,000 and 15,000 real estate postcards monthly.

Q. How long will it take before my postcards reach the public?
All real estate post cards are mailed first class and depending where you are located will arrive in 2-4 days after the order is placed. Bulk mail delivery times vary dependant on location and order timeframe. Average delivery time for West & East Coast mailings is 5-7 business days. Average delivery time on orders placed elsewhere in the country is 7-10 business days. Holidays, weekends, and postal delivery guideline can also affect delivery date. Delivery times are not guaranteed.

Q. Who are the postcards addressed to if I use your mailing list?
Our real estate postcards are addressed to the homeowner by name.

Q. How do I choose where I want my postcards mailed?
Its simple, just enter in an address as your “central point” and the system will pull the amount of address from around your central point. This is Step 3 in the order process.

Q. Where do the addresses in your Mailing Lists come from?
To ensure the highest level of addressing accuracy for your mailing, our system uses updated address data from a leading national provider, which compiles this information from public records and databases and CASS certifies it for accuracy.

Q. What format does my database file have to be in for me to be able to upload it into your system?
To work in our system, your database only has to:?*Be in .CSV (Comma Delimited Format)?*Contain Five Columns (Six if you’re including Company Name) in this order:

•    Name (First and Last in the Same Column) Names must be in column A
•    Company name (Optional)
•    Address (Street address must be in column B)
•    City (City must be in column C)
•    State (State must in column D)
•    Zip (Zip must be in column E)

Q. How do I make my file a .CSV file?
If your file is in Excel format, it can easily be made into a .CSV format. Simply:
1.    Open the file in Excel
2.    Choose “File” from the top left hand corner of the page
3.    Choose “Save As” from the pull down menu
4.    In the “Save as Type” menu at the bottom of the pop-up screen, choose CSV (Comma Delimited)
5.    Hit the “Save” button, and save this new version of the file to your desktop.

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